It is interesting to think about what is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear the word research? At first, everyone associates it with some very serious activity where white-bearded, absent-minded professorial-looking professionals try to solve the big questions of the world. But in the case of our thesis topic, it's not like that at all - in fact, our research can be not only interesting, but also quite entertaining. Here are 8 tips to help you find the perfect thesis topic for you.

Filming at home or at the cinema
The most unexpected, inspiring ideas can often come from activities you wouldn't think of. For example, you might find yourself huddled up at home filming a movie, or maybe sitting in a theatre. When we are relaxed, essay assistant interested and receptive to the content, we can be blessed with the most unexpected inspiration from the scene, the costumes or even the dialogue.

Around the house
Order is the soul of everything! There is no doubt that we need to do the housework at home from time to time if we don't want to live in a messy, untidy environment. It may all seem like a nuisance at first, but if only we knew how much potential there is in these activities! It's a proven fact that most world-changing ideas come to you while you're doing monotonous action. So don't underestimate the importance of doing the washing up or vacuuming, because you never know which chores around the house will give you a unique concept.

Everyone remembers the story of Archimedes, the Greek mathematician, who was trying to find out whether King Hieron's pentameter made his crown exclusively of gold or whether he substituted other precious metals for the precious headdress. Archimedes got the answer by watching the amount of water he pumped out while bathing. Probably everyone's favourite part of the story comes after this, when, thrilled by this, he jumped out of the bath and ran naked straight to the king, shouting: - "Eureka!" Although Archimedes was quite radical in his enthusiasm, we agree that inspiration can easily come to us during a relaxing bath.

Do your research!
If you have a basic concept that you have in mind, it's worth doing some preliminary research on the subject, as it will help you to deepen the idea. For example, if your basic idea is to analyse the messenger application, you can then think about a more concrete idea, which will focus specifically on the messenger application that can be installed on a Blackberry phone.

Stormy discussions
Some people really enjoy a good argument. They're the ones who, at every social gathering, engage in endless discussions on the most diverse topics imaginable. Otherwise, it can be very entertaining and interesting for an outsider to listen to a philosophy student, for example, get together and share his views with his theology or political science roommate. Believe me, such a heated, intellectual environment can easily stimulate us to create.

It's all about daring
If you're not writing a mediocre thesis, you'll need a big dose of daring. You can only carry a hypothesis through if you are brave enough to support or refute a claim.

Dare to ask!
Do you remember when you asked your teacher a question, he thought for a moment, and then gave the whole group the task to look it up and collect information? Well, in some cases it was not always for your personal self-improvement, in some cases he didn't know the answers to the questions himself, so he took the time to look into the subject more thoroughly, avoiding an embarrassing situation in front of his students. Funny, isn't it? But it happens more often than we think! The collection of questions can also be a very good starting point to buy explanatory essay get an interesting, unique thesis topic popping out of your head.

Motivating acknowledgements
As we have written before, research work is often not as cumbersome and complicated as we first think. Of course, we'd still sign that it takes a lot of effort to find a really good topic, but once you get the hang of it, the ideas and questions follow one after the other until you just find yourself slowly putting together your thesis. A well thought-out, consistent piece of work can not only earn you many professional accolades, but also financial rewards.

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